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Mon., 3/19
Tues., 3/20
Wed., 3/21
Thurs., 3/22
Fri., 3/23
Greek Gods Accordion Book
-connotation & denotation

ABC Revisions

Greek Gods Accordion Book
‘Is Our Gain Also Our Loss?’
-first read
-comp check
-second read
-Analyze and Conventions
ABC Revisions

Greek Gods Accordion Book
I AM Poem

ABC Revisions

Greek Gods Accordion Book due tomorrow
Collect Accordion Book

‘Bored…and Brilliant? A Challenge to Disconnect From Your Phone’
-Comp Check

ABC Revisions

Matrix for small group readings (260)

-What’s Your Claim up to this point?

ABC Revisions
Finish Ch. 27

Ch. 28 Preview/Pre-read/Vocab

Review Facts

Ch. 28 Vocab
Random Facts Quiz #11

Chapter 28

ABC – type all approved

28 Vocab due tomorrow
Finish Ch. 28

Chapters 27-28 Open-Note Quiz

Chapter 29 ISN/Activity

Ch. 29 Vocab

ABC Revisions
Finish Chapter 29

ABC Revisions and typing

The ABC Book is due Friday, May 18.  Make sure you are working on typing all approved paragraphs, the TOC, and putting your pages toget...