Our next unit of study will be back in our My Perspectives curriculum.  The focus of the unit is Modern Technology.  Students will be understanding the impact modern technology has on society by reading, writing, speaking, listening, and presenting.  The essential question is How is modern technology helpful and harmful to society?  Students will be reading from various sources and focusing on finding evidence to support one side or the other of this prompt.

In addition, students should always be working on revising any unapproved ABC Paragraphs.

4 Egypt Paragraphs were due Wednesday, 1/10/18

3 Hebrew Paragraphs were due Friday, 1/26/18

3 India Paragraphs were due Monday, 2/26/18

4 China Paragraphs are due Friday, 3/9/18

4 Greece Paragraphs due on Thursday, 4/19/18

The ABC Book is due Friday, May 18.  Make sure you are working on typing all approved paragraphs, the TOC, and putting your pages toget...