Organized Binder
One 1.5 inch binder is used for BOTH Language Arts and History.  We do not use dividers and they are not necessary for these classes.  
It is a good idea to place your colored pages in sheet protectors to keep them from falling out or losing them! 
A Page - Goals (Pink)
C Page - Agenda (Orange) -filled out each Monday.  If a student is absent or missed any part of the agenda, it is under the 'Weekly Agenda' tab on this website.
D Page - Passes (Yellow)
E Page - Binder Check (Green)
F Page - Syllabus (White)
G Page - Tool Kit (Blue)-stays in the binder all year long and is referenced regularly; there is one toolkit for Language Arts and one toolkit for Social Studies.

H Page - Table of Contents (Purple)-changes with each unit; there is one per subject.

Ancient Civilizations Day is Friday, May 25th; follow the directions below to volunteer and/or sign up for needed donations: 1) ...